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With a wealth of experience in structuring generic and customized solutions, RVS Debt Syndication practice is built on strong relationship and professional integrity. We advise corporate clients on an ideal structure for raising fund, leveraged by our strong network and expert assistance until the successful deal closure.

We assist our clients to raise funds for their short term and long-term capital requirements through Working Capital Finance, Project Loan, Term Loan/Corporate Loan, External Commercial Borrowing and Structured Finance. With our expertise and deep understanding of clients operating cycle and business, we work towards offering the best possible solution to suit client's specific requirements. Our relationship with a variety of domestic and foreign lending institutions helps us to serve our clients in best of their interest.

Services we Offer:

 Working Capital Finance(WCB)

Working Capital is a short-term finance to bridge the gap in operating cycle of the business. We specialize in arranging funds for Working Capital needs of our clients by setting up working capital facilities with various Banks and Institutions. This includes Fund Based limits like Cash Credits and Non-Fund Based limits like Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantees at competitive terms. 

The process involves:

1)Understanding the requirements of client and preparing suitable financing structure
2)Seeking the suitable Lender for solution and right terms
3)Preparation of CMA and Circulation of Information Memorandum (IM)
4)Coordinating with Lenders/Corporates to ensure timely sanction of facilities.
5)Advising/Assisting clients in negotiation on pricing, concessions, other relevant terms, etc. with bank(s).
6)Assisting client on documentation and disbursement.

 Project Finance and Term Loan

We have undertaken Project financing across a wide range of economic sectors. We provide financial assistance for both new projects as well as term lending for expansion, diversification and modernization of existing projects. Terms Loans are extended for the purpose of acquisition of fixed assets viz., Building, Plant and Machinery or Capex for balancing of capacities, modernization of units, etc. We provide advisory services on financial structuring, implementation and documentation aspect of green field and brown field projects. We have build capabilities over the years of experience in building the transaction till the execution of the signing of the documents.

We follow the following process:

1)Preparation of Project reports, financial model
2)Evaluation of Risk and suggesting Mitigates
3)Analysis of financial viability of the project, negotiation with Banks / Institution for terms
4)Coordinating with lenders/investors to ensure timely sanction of facilities
5)Advising the client and working to provide best possible  terms and conditions 
6)Completion of all formalities relating to disbursement

 External Commercial Borrowing

External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) refer to commercial loans [in the form of Bank Loans, Buyer's Credit, Supplier's Credit, Securitized Instruments (e.g. floating rate notes and fixed rate bonds)] availed from non-resident lenders with minimum average maturity of 3 years.

We focus on all types of foreign currency credit necessities of Indian corporate in arranging the Foreign Currency Loans. We can support in arranging debt fund at competitive rates. You can depend on us for arrangement of capital and approval through RBI. 

We provide the following services in this field:

1)Financing and structuring cross border acquisition debt
2)Providing whole range of transactional banking services to Indian corporates for their offices, Joint Ventures
3)Advisory services on overseas investments
4)Innovative tailor-made solutions to the specific requirements of Corporates
5)Structured financing for procuring specific assets

 Structured Finance

Structured Finance is a specific need based financial instrument offered to borrowers with unique and sophisticated needs. Generally, a simple loan will not suffice for the borrower so the said instruments are created in order to serve the purpose as per the requirement of the client.

Structured finance Includes:

  • Corporate Term Loan

Corporate Term Loan helps the client in raising long term funds in case of any mismatch in short term funds owing to large capex in the past with low desired results, resulting in mismatch in short and long term funds. It can be raised for the general purpose backed by a security.

  • Warehouse Financing

Warehouse financing is a form of secured lending in which the bank advances funds against inventory goods that are being stored in a warehouse and that have been assigned to the bank through warehouse receipts. Warehouse Receipts should be treated as a document of title, as the bank is given title to the goods until they have been sold and the proceeds collected.

  • Invoice or Bill Discounting or Purchasing Bills

This solution provides finance by discounting the sales bill or purchase bill. This financing facility is also available for the client’s channel partners. The business gets the cash instantaneously giving business cycle a better momentum.

  • Pre & Post shipment funding

Short-term pre-shipment financing enables exporters to procure raw materials for manufacturing goods for export. Short term, post-shipment financing to the exporter provides liquidity during the credit period permitted to the overseas buyers to make payment.

The Pre & Post shipment facility is available both in Indian Rupee and in major foreign currencies to exporters, enabling the exporters to compete in global market against others.

Apart from the above-mentioned Structured Finance products, we are capable of providing customized products according to the need of our clients.

Dealer Financing

We arrange funds for the corporates for their distribution networks. This gives the dealer to leverage their business relationship with major corporates to avail low-cost credit. The corporate negotiate a better price with dealers.

     Channel Financing

Channel finance ensures the immediate realization of sales proceeds for the supplier. On the other hand, the corporate gets credit for a duration equaling the tenor of the loan, enabling smoother liquidity management.

Our Relationship with Banks / NBFCs and Institutional Lenders helps us to deliver the right kind of product to our clients at competitive interest rates, terms and in time bound fashion. Our huge expertise and experience has helped us to innovate and develop financing solutions that create real value for our clients. We have maintained a successful track of completing transactions for Corporates effectively and efficiently.

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