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Management Team

Although the team includes more than 20 people however major experienced professionals are as under


FCA V K Kuchhal founded RVS in 1994 with a vision of creating a consulting-driven by group of finance professionals with focus on delivering full-service financial solutions to the Indian Industry. He led the growth of RVS Group from its signature offering - Trade Finance to its present form as an integrated Corporate Finance Consultancy company - providing Trade Finance, Debt Syndication and Equity services duly supported by strategic consulting. In last 15 years, Mr Kuchhal has turned his focus on strategic consulting & fund raising via debt route.

FCA Shruti Kuchhal ( DIRECTOR )

Shruti Kuchhal, now partnering in RVS to realize her aspiration of being core finance professional. In the following years, Shruti honed her expertise in Corporate Finance functioning, created team of finance professionals servicing clients across sectors. As part of RVS management team, she has been actively involved in shaping the group to its current form. In a span of 5 years, Shruti led the company’s growth in Trade Finance and Debt Syndication based on his strong leadership and flare for businesses. She has got strong experience of working with emerging and large businesses in the areas of financing and strategic planning. Shruti was instrumental in laying the architectural framework, creating a focused team of professionals. Shruti hold CA degree and diploma holder for Forensic Audit.


Mr. Aayush Kuchhal is a Graduate in Law. He handles the legal wing of the group. Currently, he is practicing as an advocate with specialization in corporate laws. Besides this, his area of practice includes Civil and Criminal Litigation. As a part of his journey, he has worked with various advocates and also has a vast experience in representing the client before the Court. He is also into multilevel business development of the RVS Group in various territories and has good contacts with various chartered accountants, advocates and company secretaries. He has a good command over insolvency matters, management disputes, NCLT Matters, recovery litigation, company law matters and NBFC compliances.


A person who helps entrepreneurs/promoters/business owners and their assistants/custodians while making decision particularly in the field of finance or banking may become our preferred Channel partner who can provide us a prospective lead of someone who may need our professional services.

The most suited candidature for the above mentioned are as under:-
Chartered Accountants, Bankers, DSAs of Banks, Professionals who make Project Reports, Industrial Consultants, Suppliers of Plant and Machinery, Advocates, DRT Advisors, Technical/Marketing Associates etc.

It has been observed well that whenever and wherever something is required by an Individual or a group of people they look for reference of someone who is having knowledge and well experience in that particular field or someone who may be closely associated with him/them or their friends n relatives whom they trust. It's a very common phenomenon and general human behavior which brings us to this conclusion that


We firmly believe on the above mentioned statement, therefore invite professionals/personals to join us as our preferred Channel Partner. Trust it's a very good opportunity to ensure a handsome earning without any investment/running expenses, office setup, Employee (hiring/training/performance) infact we will be more than happy if you operate from our business premises and act like a one team.

Benefit of joining us is that one is getting a vibrant team of professionals which is young, enthusiastic and well experienced (15 years) and most importantly always ready for business along with well-equipped extended office support.

Not only above but a pre-decided quite handsome referral fee is due from day one for each n every potential lead referred, which is to be shared once it is collected from the respective Client(s)

So the moment you come across a situation where in Corporate Finance Products such as Term Loans, CC/OD/LC/BG limits, LRD, CDR, NPA and ECB etc. are required by a Company /Business Owner, please refer the same to us by organize a formal meeting us preferably in our office premises.

please visit us to discuss an incredible remunerative opportunity for mutual growth..

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