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Virtual CFO

A business that does not have an in-house finance department can utilize alternatives such as outsourcing the finance function to another firm. Apart from this, the business can also utilize virtual CFO services. Virtual CFO services can be offered either remotely or through an external consultant. Due to digitization, businesses have to adapt according to the changing circumstances. Some businesses, such as Start-ups and SMEs, may not have the necessary resources to hire an in-house Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Hence, these businesses would opt for virtual CFO services.

The advent of digitization has made the role played by a CFO more challenging. In this competitive environment, a CFO needs to have relevant skills to carry out financial functions, management, and business functions. Every organization requires appointing a chartered accountant, and the CA is responsible for the financial functions carried out in the organization.

What are the advantages of having Virtual CFO Services

Digital Challenges have made the business environment more competitive. Hence, it is crucial to have virtual CFO services. There are different advantages to using virtual CFO services. The following are the advantages of using these services.


Using virtual CFO services would offer the organization advantages of technology integration. Virtual CFO firms use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and big data to enhance the process in which compliances are maintained. Accounting compliance can be maintained through this process. Apart from this, a firm using virtual CFO services can get timely updates on compliances to be followed.

Financial Projections

A firm using these services would be able to receive financial projections and budgetary analysis. The services offered would help the organization predict the budgets and finances of the organization. Our services would include the use of prediction technologies such as predictive analytics to protect your organization's finances.

Accounting Compliance

Using this service would provide the organization with an added advantage of compliance with accounting systems. In India, an organization has to maintain compliance under different regulatory authorities. These include the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Securities and Exchange Board of India and the Income Tax Authorities. Using virtual CFO services would provide not only your organization accounting compliance but also compliance with the relevant regulatory authorities. Using Enterslice services would provide you with updates on different compliances that have to be followed by your organization.

Budgetary Control

Using this service would also provide you with a means to control your budget. Every organization has a fixed budget that is allocated for carrying out different activities. At RVS, our team of professionals, such as CA, CMA, and CS, will plan and prepare a budgetary report per your organization's requirements. Through this service, your organization can receive a detailed report on budgetary analysis and reporting. A traditional CFO cannot offer this. Even if offered, it would take a considerable amount of time and effort to produce the required level of results

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